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Valentine’s at Ravens

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with just a little over ten days to go, it is essential that you don’t panic! Ravens is here to help with a wide selection of hand-picked gifts, both for him and for her! So take a look at our selection of Valentine’s gifts, or feel free to draw inspiration from these charts that we have prepared for you…


  1.  VAN DAL Walsingham Peep Toe Shoe (link)
  2. VAN DAL Aloe Evening Bag (link)
  3. DARTINGTON CRYSTAL Cocktail/Martini Glasses (link)
  4. SWAROVSKI Nervilla Crystal Necklace (link)
  5. FRANK LYMAN Evening Dress with Lace (link)
  6. SWAROVSKI Crystalline Ladies’ Pen (link)
  7. TED BAKER Opulent Bloom Mini Notebook (link)
  8. TED BAKER Opulent Bloom Jewellery Roll (link)
  9. SWAROVSKI Tennis Bracelet in Pink (link)
  10. BATH HOUSE Patchouli and Black Pepper Bath Gift Box (link)

A beautiful bouquet of flowers will complement any of these attentions, a box of fine chocolates is desirable, but punctuality is always essential. For more gift ideas for ladies click here.



  1. FALKE Family Socks (link)
  2. JOE DAVIES Miniature VW Camper Van Clock (link)
  3. TED BAKER Travel Wallet (link)
  4. TED BAKER Multi Tool (link)
  5. WILD & WOLF Gentlemen’s Attire Cocktail Shaker (link)
  6. DARTINGTON CRYSTAL Exmoor Double Whiskey Glasses (link)
  7. FYNCH-HATTON Merino Wool and Cashmere Blend Jumper (link)
  8. SWAROVSKI Ball Cufflinks (link)
  9. SWAROVSKI Blue Cufflinks (link)
  10. LONDON CLOCK Miniature Stackers (link)
  11. TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET Victorian Ceramic Shaving Mug (link)
  12. SAROME UK Straight Razor (link)
  13. BATH HOUSE Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Shower Gift Set (link)
  14. TED BAKER Canoe Clobber Bag (link)
  15. WILD & WOLF Gentlemen’s Attire Wash Bag (link)

From the sports fanatic to the tech-obsessed, gentlemen are a tough crowd to please when it comes to gifts. So, for a few more ideas, browse our selection of masculine gifts here.

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