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Ravens of Southend are proud to stock a wide range of these stylish Giordano shirts from the Dutch family-owned business, Verweij Fashion.  Available in regular and modern (slightly more tailored) fit, the mens shirts are high quality and can be worn casually or dressed up for a smarter occasion. 


The Giordano shirts are a popular part of our menswear department as they offer both style and value with prices starting at £45.  Some of the feature patterned details around the cuffs, pockets and collar also offer a unique and contrasting design element to the look.  Ravens stock Giordano jackets in a tailored fit as well as a range of button down polos, all in variety of plain and patterned fabrics. 


Verweij Fashion is a family owned business, founded in 1955 and run at that time from a small shop in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.  The strong focus on quality garments imported from Italy helped the company gradually grow larger over time and it is now a well-known and respected force in the fashion industry incorporating both the Giordano and Baileys brands available at Ravens today.


The current owners, Karel and Robert Verweij started out designing, selling and sourcing quality products under their fathers close supervision. They quickly learned the importance of putting consideration and thought into every detail of the process.


Collections are now designed and developed in Amsterdam, while the production takes place in Europe and Asia. Day by day top-quality fabrics and yarns are chosen from the best suppliers across the world.


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